Aufgrund der Städtepartnerschaft zwischen Sheffield und Bochum kam vor 21 Jahren der Austausch zwischen der Tapton School in Sheffield und der Erich-Kästner Gesamtschule in Bochum zustande. Seitdem findet jedes Jahr ein Austausch mit dem Schwerpunkt „Berufspraktikum“ statt. Dieses Jahr fuhren 16 Schüler/Innen aus dem Jahrgang 9 und 11vom 12.06.2015 bis 19.06.2015 nach Sheffield, zum ersten Mal mit finanzieller Unterstützung des Challenge Fund - World of Work grant von UK-German Connections.



Every German participant of the exchange had a single task.

Here are their texts about our trip:

A summary of the Polish- German exchange as a part of the Comenius project.

The stay in Bochum 26-29.10.2010

For most of the participants of the trip it was the first occasion not only to visit Germany, but also to get to know it, at least by a few days of everyday life in a different European country. Thanks to living with their exchange partners, the students could discover how their peers lived in Germany. Since the very first day, due to the mutual wokshop classes and visiting the "Helden" exhibition the students had a chance to bond with the German teenagers. They could get to know each other better through discussions and working together, sharing ideas, reflections, observations. Visiting the exhibition devoted to heroes allowed a broader grasp of the topic, getting to know new figures closely connected with culture, civilization and religion of many European countries. The students discovered new aspects of history and life in the presented countries through the form of the exhibition, which was connected with the youth's active participation. They were involved in carrying out a certain work and presented the results of the cooperation with their partners.

The students underlined, that thanks to the various origins of the families they stayed with, they could see how multicultural integration looks on an everyday basis. It is hardly possible to see such a diversity of religions and cultures in the everyday life of the Poles. Being in school, taking part in lessons, experiencing different surroundings also gave the participants of the Comenius exchange the chance to expand their cultural horizons and obtain completely new experiences. They could really feel they grow and learn together in the European Union.


In March a group of eight pupils, Mrs. Hoffmann and Mrs. Wülfing went to Rybnik. Here are the students' reports about our interesting trip. As English is the project language of Comenius, the students had to write their texts in English, too:

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